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May 28th, 2024

5:00 PM ET

Our webinars are designed to increase participants’ knowledge of Holocaust history, explore and access classroom-ready content, and support instructional practice to promote student learning and understanding of this complex history and its lasting effect on the world.

In every genocide, dehumanization has been an essential strategy to belittle and categorize the victims as “life unworthy of life”. Using the power of media and propaganda to ignite pre-existing hatreds, perpetrators of genocide dehumanized victims to encourage average citizens and neighbors to turn against their fellow persons. Guided by the expertise of classroom educator and Echoes & Reflections facilitator George Dalbo, explore classroom ready resources and strategies related to the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the Genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda to teach students the dangers of dehumanization, how victim groups resisted these efforts and maintained their human dignity during genocide, and what students can do to reject attempts at dehumanization of people today.

This webinar connects with Units 2, 3, and 12 on the Echoes & Reflections website.

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