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Join Echoes & Reflections and the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum for a virtual discussion and Q&A with Holocaust Survivor Max Glauben on his newly published book, The Upstander: How Surviving the Holocaust Sparked Max Glauben’s Mission to Dismantle Hate. In it, Max explores his mischievous childhood and teen years as a go-to ghetto smuggler. He narrate his journey from the camps to American immigrant and Korean veteran. For decades, he bottled up his trauma. Then he realized: He could transform his pain into purpose. His memoir relays the true story of the harrowing violence and dehumanization Max endured. It relays Max’s powerful lifetime commitment to actively thwarting hate and galvanizing resilience. Max insists you, too, can transform your adversity into your greatest strength. We recommend participants read The Upstander before attending the program.

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Max Glauben The Upstander