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April 20th, 2023

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

Our webinars are designed to increase participants’ knowledge of Holocaust history, explore and access classroom-ready content, and support instructional practice to promote student learning and understanding of this complex history and its lasting effect on the world.

Echoes & Reflections is proud to introduce a new lesson plan dedicated to teaching about genocide. Join lead author and Program Manager Jesse Tannetta to explore new resources on four genocides of the 20th century: Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, and against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Learn about the lives of the people as they were before they became victims and discover the coining of the term genocide by Raphael Lemkin. Trace common themes such as the role of propaganda in discrimination, dehumanization, and exclusion of victim groups and learn valuable skills in how to teach this sensitive topic.

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